Spay and Neuter Services

One of the nation’s longest-running and most beloved morning game shows proudly has the host wrap up each show with the declaration, “Help protect the pet population…have your pet spayed or neutered!” This wise advice is even more valuable today than it was decades ago, as millions of unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized annually due to overpopulation issues. Fortunately, it only takes a quick and affordable in-office procedure by our veterinarian in Lewistown to do your part in preventing this tragedy.

What to Expect During the Spay and Neuter Procedure at Our Veterinary Clinic

Once your pet reaches six months of age, they are likely ready to be spayed or neutered. After your pet’s visit is scheduled, we may ask you to hold back food and water from your pet the evening prior to the procedure. When you and your furry friend arrive for the surgery, you’ll be greeted by warm and friendly faces whose greatest concern is for the wellbeing of your pet. We will perform a few tests to determine that your pet is able to tolerate anesthesia.

Once the green light is given, we put your pet into a gentle and fully monitored sedative state to keep them asleep and pain-free during the procedure. The surgery only takes a few minutes to complete, and most pets can return home the same day to resume moderate activities. As the most common surgical procedure performed by our veterinarian in Lewistown, there are minimal risks of complications. However, these small possibilities far outweigh the lifelong benefits dogs and cats enjoy after being spayed or neutered.

The Benefits of Spaying Pets

While it’s common lore, there is absolutely no reason for females to have at least one heat cycle or litter of critters before getting spayed. Both felines and pups are far less likely to roam around looking to satiate primal urges after ovary removal. The procedure helps prevent them from getting lost and also from bringing home a tummy full of little ones that you aren’t prepared for. Spayed females enjoy less chances of developing uterine infections as well as cancerous conditions and tumors within the reproductive system and mammary glands.

The Benefits of Neutering Pets

Your four-legged buddy is also likely to stop prowling the streets at night searching for eager females after being neutered. This quick surgery also provides numerous health benefits for dogs and cats. With the testes removed, they will have fewer risks of experiencing perineal hernias, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate disease and have virtually no chances of developing testicular cancer or tumors.

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